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This was a neat game to play. Interesting idea and setting, and zombies are a lot scarier when you have a musket instead of an automatic rifle! (I'm too dumb to know what a powder charge is.) I couldn't quite beat the boss, but I did get close a few times. Best of luck with continued development on this game!

This game looks so funny. Wanna play it



This is going to be an AWESOME game. I love the muskets!

Well you sure did your research and it was worth it! From the trailer to me actually playing the game I really enjoyed it! The art style in the game is amazing and the whole concept of the moon king vs. sun king is so cool!

Where did you find your inspiration for the art style? Or how did you decide to go with this style? :D

I don't know if you've heard of Game Development World Championship before (gdwc2019) but it's a competition for indie game developers where they can submit their games and it's free! It's great if you want some more visibility for the game and it only takes a couple of minutes to join :)

Really fun game. I got a little rage-y at the end there.

Many thanks   for the Video!

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Hi thank you :D


The game is not bad, there are various enemies, but the gameplay seems to be unfinished, the animations are strange, the collision boxes seem to be too big, both the player and the enemies.

Even off-screen Snipers shoot the player, as well as spawning enemies endlessly, all of which leaves the game quite unfair.

It seems that it is using very heavy effects of post processing, there is no drop of frames in the game, however my PC heats up a lot, as it is in pixel art and does not have so many light effects "at least I did not see many in the 3 phases of the game" , there is no need to use so many resources.

To your pause screen not for unity timeScale, everything in the game keeps on happening.

Watch this video that teaches in a very practical and simple way how to make a pause screen.

I love your art style, congratulations.

Many thanks. We have adressed many issues in version 1.2.

regardings the performance. You can change the setting in the  start up menu to a lower quality. This could help. We will start optimizing the Software when our game design is manifested.


I had a great time with the demo but I think there were a few things that weren't properly communicated, mostly, it seems, due to the lack of a tutorial. There seemed to be ladders all over the place that I just couldn't climb and an enemy type that appeared to be immortal while spawning new enemies. The lack of any progress saving checkpoints was a little tiring as well considering the overall pacing of the gameplay. It's a solid concept and I had a blast playing, just some general quality of life stuff.


Hi, thank you for your review and the time taken to note the very much  appreciated insisghts. Today we had a public testing at the German Dev Days and several users miskept the posts as  „ladders“, too. Something among many other observed details we are definitely going to fix. Same with the pacing.  Right now we intend to make the progress up to the final version transparent. So, if you like check in once in a while and judge wether or not we are improving. 

all the best,



And I forgot: the vid you made is awesome. This helps us.  We are a small two person enterprise and we played it while developping so often, that we need to see what other users feel like when playing it the first time. In Germany we have a nice word for this: Betriebsbindheit - working blindness. Very much appreciated.

Guido :)